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Sewage Collection System Photo Gallery


The Sewage Collection System (SCS) component of the Harbour Solutions Project includes a number of unique construction events. One of such took place on Friday, December 17, 2004 in the southend of Halifax. This event involved the lifting and placement of a pipe bridge measuring 62 metres long and weighing over 39,000 kilograms (87,000lbs.)

SCS southend Halifax pipe bridge.

pipe bridge crane


length of pipe
The bridge, located adjacent to the Tower Rd. bridge over the CN rail cut, consits of a bailey-type bridge carrying a 600-mm-diameter sewer pipe.

The bridge erection drew quite a crowd of on-lookers and media. The operation also required a large contingent of construction personnel.

The lift was accomplished using a 300-tonne crane. The crane itself was of such a size that it had to be transported to the lift site in 9 pieces, then reassembled.

The structure is designed and located in such a way as to ensure the safety. Access to the bridge will be restricted by fencing and will only be accessible to authorized personnel.

TV interview

The purpose of the pipe bridge is to convey sewage from a large area of southend Halifax to the Halifax wastewater treatment plant. The Halifax plant will be operational in January of 2007.

Halifax Harbour 2003

Halifax Harbour 2003

Groundbreaking of Sewage Collection System, November 12, 2003

Groundbreaking of SCS

L to R: Hon. Barry Barnet, Minister of Service Nova Scotia & Municipal Relations; Hon. Robert Thibeau, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans; Mayor Peter Kelly and Hugh Smith, vice president Dexter Contruction.

SCS piping in Dartmouth Cove, winter 2006

SCS piping Dartmouth Cove winter 2006

Interior of SCS Pier A pumping station, winter 2006

SCS Pier A pumping station interior winter 2006

SCS work along Dartmouth shoreline, winter 2006

SCS work Dartmouth shoreline winter 2006.

Chamber pot found at a Halifax Wastewater Treatment Plant site. A slip-banded yellowware chamber pot recovered from a mid-to-late 19th century privy excavated during the fall of 2002. The chamber pot is typical of the range of objects one would anticipate recovering from a privy. Not so typical were many of the other objects which included children's toys, a cannon ball, a walking stick and a diverse assemblage of personal items either lost or discarded in the privy.

chamber pot
Photo courtesy of CRM Ltd., archaeological consultants.