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Tax Reform Committee (TRC)

TRC Disbanded

In June 2009, the TRC presented its report and recommendations on municipal taxation to HRM’s Regional Council.  On September 22, 2009, Council passed the following motion at its Committee of the Whole session:

Further that Council agree that the work of the Tax Reform Committee has been completed and it is now Council’s role to make a decision on the direction to take prior to the debate on the motion of June 23, 2009. 



To further the development of the Tax Reform Project, Halifax Regional Council has appointed 7 residents and 6 Councillors to the newly established Tax Reform Committee (TRC).

The TRC will provide leadership to the project by working closely with staff and council on a public participation plan, an evaluation of the current tax system and alternative types of taxes or fees. The TRC will serve for the duration of the Tax Reform project, expected to be 12 to 18 months. The Committee was officially formed in December 2006, with regular meetings beginning in January 2007.

The TRC consists of 4 Councillors and 7 residents of HRM:


David Grace- Chair
Mark Gilbert- Vice Chair
Patrick Flinn
Robert Grace
Giselle Kakamousias
Janice Malay
Andrew Murphy

David Hendsbee
Peter Lund 
Reg Rankin
Sue Uteck

For more information on the duties, responsibilities, and make-up of the committee, please see the committee's Terms of Reference or call 490- 4886.