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Wastewater Treatment Plants

There are three Wastewater Treatment Plants being constructed part of the Harbour Solutions Project. The first is north of downtown Halifax, between Upper Water and Barrington Streets on property owned by HRM. The second site is located on the current property of the Canadian Coast Guard base in Dartmouth, down the hill from Cuisack Street. The third site, in Herring Cove, will be located at Hospital Point. The entire project will be taking up to five years to complete. The project will provide total tax revenues from construction activity of $28 million to the Province and $58 million to the federal government. Operation of the plants will also provide $1 million provincially and $1.9 million federally in annual tax revenue.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Contract Signing

Water treatment plant contract signing
Left to Right: Philippe Cantareil-Degremont SA, Kurt Jacobs-D&D WaterSolutions Inc., Mayor Peter Kelly