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Halifax Community Liaison Committee (CLC)

The Halifax CLC is actively developing community input on the Halifax Sewage Treatment Plant, to be located at Barrington and Cornwallis Streets, Halifax.

CLC Chair: Craig Walkington, 422-6968

The Community Liaison Committee for the Halifax Sewage Treatment Plant hosted a community workshop at the George Dixon Recreation Centre on Monday, February 17th, 2003. The workshop gave area residents an opportunity to share their ideas on what the exterior of the sewage treatment plant might look like. This highly inter-active and well attended workshop generated many creative ideas. A discussion Paper has been prepared on the Halifax Sewage Treatment Plant Building Elevation by MacFawn and Rogers Architects Limited.

The Committee Terms of Reference (PDF 18.4KB) and the Operating Practices (PDF 12.7KB) have been established, and a Volunteer Job Description (PDF 34.2KB), Job Requirements (PDF 9.26KB) and anAgreement (PDF 5.94KB) for committee members has been developed.Rules (PDF 35.2KB) were established for committee elections, together with a Nomination Form (PDF 36.2KB) and a Candidate Biography (PDF 34.5KB).

CLC Final Report, July 2007 (PDF 2.8MB)

Meeting Minutes