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Calculate your municipal property tax using the proposed tax reform (Single Family Homes)

Individual services:

Hydrants- Is your property within 1,200 feet of a hydrant?
Hydrant Charge $116.00
Solid Waste - Do you get solid waste collection?
Solid Waste Charge $256.00
Road Frontage - Does your property front on a road?
Local Road Charge $176.00
Are you on a Private or Provincially-run road?
Less: Credit For Provincial/Private Roads $(44.00)

Community Services:

Local Sidewalk -within a 1km walk of a local sidewalk?
Local Sidewalk Tax $48.00
Recreation Facility -within a 7.5 km of a local recreation facility?
Local Recreation Tax $36.00
Halifax Transit -within a 1km walk of a Halifax Transit bus stop?
Local Transit $140.00

Regional Transit- Please select where you live: See Map

Pink Zone $45.00 Regional Roads
$25.00 Regional Transit
Orange Zone $88.00 Regional Roads
$49.00 Regional Transit
Green Zone $101.00 Regional Roads
$57.00 Regional Transit
Blue Zone $30.00 Regional Roads
$17.00 Regional Transit

Regional Services:

Often services are available not just to a single home but to a larger area. Since many share in the benefit of the service, Tax Reform is trying to share the cost across a simlar group of taxpayers.
$474.00 Regional Tax Rate (inlcuded in total)
Your Municipal Tax total is:         

Provincial Tax Portion: (do not use commas, hyphens, etc.)

My 2007 Taxable Assessed Value $
Your Provincial Tax Total is: $
Add the Municipal Tax to the Provincial Tax for your total tax bill.
**For low income families** the municipal tax bill will be offset by a low income rebate. In 2007 the rebate was set at a maximum of $750. Under tax reform that rebate will be increased to $1,000 plus $100 per child (for up to three children). The total rebate for a family of 3 children will reduce to zero when income reaches $36,600.

**Please Note**  The above information is based on the Draft Tax Model developed by the Tax Reform Committee and uses the tax rates that would have been used in 2007 if that tax model had been in place. Taxes may vary in some areas due to local area rates or local improvement charges. Supplementary education taxes are not included in any of the above amounts. The Draft Tax Model is subject to change.

**2009 Changes** This tax calculator does not include recently proprosed changes from the Tax Reform Committee. In June 2009, the Committee recommended a surtax on high-value homes. A surtax on the top five percent or less of homes would help ensure that higher income individuals bear more of the tax burden. This would offset any increase in low income support costs.


Hydrants See map
The benefit of hydrants goes mostly to those close enough to a hydrant to be able to use it if there is a fire. The tax will be paid once per property, apartment buildings will pay only once. . 

Solid Waste 
Most homeowners get solid waste collection as do a few rural businesses. Small apartment buildings (6 or fewer units) get collection but other apartment buildings and commercial firms not only pay for it through taxes but also have to pay a private hauler to take their waste away. Under tax reform only those with collection will pay. 

Local Roads
The benefit of this service goes to those who use the local road system. What we need to know is whether you have frontage on the road system (on any type of road). Those who front on a private or provincial road would be eligible for a 25% discount. The tax will be paid once per property. Apartment buildings will pay only once.

Local Sidewalks See map 
There are two main types of sidewalks: Regional Sidewalks are attached to highways and arterial roads and are taxed under a Regional Road Rate. Local sidewalks are next to the smaller local roads with local traffic. Under tax reform each of these will be paid for differently. The benefit from local sidewalks generally goes to those in the local area. Therefore, local sidewalks will be paid for by those within a 1 km walking distance. There will be only one rate for all facilities. Because they are more efficient to service, each unit in a Multi-Unit building (ie over 1 unit) will pay a reduced rate of 60% the normal amount . 

Local Recreation Facilities See Map
This refers to the small community centres. (Larger facilities such as the Metro Centre, or most rinks and pools are taxed under the Regional Tax Rate). The benefit from local recreation facilities generally goes to those in the local area. Therefore, these facilities will be paid for by those within a 7.5 km driving distance of a facility. All dwellings will pay the same rate and there will be only one rate for all facilities 

Local Transit See Map 
All homes within 1 km of a bus stop would be charged for local transit service. Because they are more efficient to service, each unit in a Multi-Unit building (ie over 1 unit) will pay a reduced rate of 60% the normal amount.

Regional Roads and Transit See Map 
Every home would pay a flat charge for the benefit of the regional road and transit systems. The amount would vary by each of the four zones according to commuting patterns. Examples of regional transit are the Halifax ferries, the Metro Link and planned regional rural express bus systems. Because there tends to be fewer users, each unit in a Multi-Unit building (ie over 1 unit) will pay a reduced rate of 60% the normal amount.