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Town of Dartmouth Annual Reports: 1886-1953


The Town of Dartmouth published Annual Reports from 1887-1953: these small volumes are an excellent synopsis of the major developments and changes in the Town and include, for each year:

  • Names of councillors and senior employees;
  • List of the Mayors of the Town of Dartmouth;
  • Mayor's Report;
  • Report of the Finance Committee;
  • Report of the Committee on Streets and Public Property;
  • Report of Fire Committee;
  • Report of the Committee on Poor and Lunatics;
  • Report of Police Committee;
  • Report of Licenses Committee;
  • Report of Dartmouth Municipal Court;
  • Report of School Commissioners;
  • Report of Housing Committee;
  • Report of Water Committee;
  • Tax Collector's Report;
  • Auditor's Report;
  • Report of the Ferry Commission;
  • Report of the Dartmouth Park Commission;
  • Report of Health Officer; and
  • Report of the Public Reading Room [library]
  • Photographs of people, places and events mentioned in the reports
**An index to each volume is usually found at the end of each volume. **

Searching and Viewing

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The digitization of these reports was made possible through Provincial Archival Development Program funds provided by the Nova Scotia Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage.