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Construction Updates

Construction activities related to the Harbour Solutions Project Sewage Collection System (SCS) and Wastewater Treatment Plant (WTP) sites.

Construction update for week ending April 18, 2007

Location of Work 
Description of Work
Halifax South Sewage Collection System(SCS) Diversion Piping underway at various CSOs.
Salter Street Outfall Pipe reinstatement complete except for timber curbing.  
Balmoral Pumping Station

No construction activity.

Pier A Pumping Station Monorail installed, electrical circuit and hook-up complete, no breaker installed yet.
Atlantic School of Theology(AST) Pumping Station

No construction activity.

Duffus Street Pumping Station Control wiring continues

Momorail and crane installations ongoing.
Heater being installed for relocated water service. Water meter installation to follow.
Maritime Museum of the Atlantic CSO(combined sewer overflow)

Diversion piping to proceed after Sackville Street CSO diversion piping.

Halifax North SCS

No construction activity.

Irving Wharf

Stockpile site decommissioned.

Halifax Wastewater Treatment Facility(WWTF) Outfall

Repairs by Wilcraft upcoming.

Upper Water St. CSO Placing pipe from CSO towards connection manhole. 

New manhole placed.

Traffic diversion in place.

CSO dewatering ongoing.
Duke St. Sewer Separation No construction activity.
Salter St. Sewer Separation No construction activity.
Lower Water St. Sewer Separation

No construction activity.

Cogswell St. Entrance Shaft No construction activity.
SCADA System

Repeater at Cowie Hill has been fabricated, no installation date yet.

SCADA antennas are now installed on all Halifax pumping stations.

Halifax Access Tunnel Site-under Cogswell St. interchange

No construction activity.

Sackville St Tunnel exit Shaft Site

No construction activity.

Sackville Street CSO Diversion piping continues.

Lower and upper sections of inlet connection poured.

Installation of new temporary manhole to route flow from Hollis St into CSO upcoming.

Traffic diversion in place.
DND Parking Matters

No displaced parking. 

North Street CSO

No construction activity.

Young Street CSO

No construction activity.

Location of Work 

Description of Work

Dartmouth WWTF Outfall

No construction activity.

Dartmouth WTP Access Driveway

No construction activity.

Cuisack St. CSO

No construction activity.

Dartmouth Cove Mainline Pipe

Internal work ongoing in drain manholes and air release valve chambers.

Maitland St. CSO

No construction activity.

Wallace St. CSO

No construction activity.

Jamieson St. CSO

No construction activity.

Jamieson St. PS Final ductback to road and SCADA outstanding.

Diversion piping on hold pending design of repairs to existing combined sewer and outfall.

Vent piping from CSO chamber to Pumping Station complete.
Dartmouth South Mainline Pipe

Air release and drain manholes are installed, internals ongoing.

Alderney Drive

Formed and poured curb in boulevard, some reinstatement remains.

Dartmouth North Mainline Pipe

No construction activity.

Melva St PS

Main power feed/primary ductbank from power pole to transformer pad complete.

Park Avenue Pumping Station Mechanical and electrical work ongoing, HVAC complete.

No pumps installed yet.

Civil deficiencies and paint touch-ups outstanding.

Vent connection between the CSO and PS complete.

Shore Road

Lyle Street Diversion piping testing ongoing.

Repairs to existing 450 diam. concrete pipe outstanding.

Ferguson Road CSO

Mechanical and electrical work substantially complete.

Lyle St CSO

Pipe testing ongoing.

Tupper St. Sewer Separation

No construction activity.

Park Ave. CSO

No construction activity.

Old Ferry Road CSO No construction activity.
Grove St. CSO

Final power connection outstanding, new pole required.

King St. CSO

Ductbanks are complete, pulling of primary lines upcoming.

Curb and sidewalk work underway.

Location of Work 
Herring Cove

Description of Work

Herring Cove WWTF Access Road

Power poles installed.
No construction activity.

Herring Cove WWTF Outfall

Offshore survey complete, and location established.

Design being reviewed by engineer.

Herring Cove SCS Pressure Sewer

No construction activity.

Roaches' Pond Retention Tank Installation of sheet pile for coffer dam complete.
Excavation and whaler installation underway.
Herring Cove Pumping Station No construction activity.

Location of Work Aerotech Park

Description of Work

Biosolids Processing Facility BPF Building Completion of deficiencies underway.

Building Substantially Complete.

Preparations for commissioning underway.

Glossary of terms:

CSO - Combined Sewer Overflow

SCS - Sewage Collection System

TBM - Tunnel Boring Machine

WTP - Wastewater Treatment Plant
DS - Drop Shaft(s) - access shafts drilled to pour concrete into the tunnel for the tunnel lining.

PS - Pumping Station

RTU - Remote Terminal Unit